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Cyber Bullying Facts

Check out these cyber bullying facts and learn more about how Relay by Lightspeed Systems can help protect students from harmful behaviour online.

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Important facts about cyber bullying

With the rise in technology in education and with many students now having access to devices 24/7, cyberbullying and threatening behaviour online is becoming more prevalent.

Young people are also at a higher risk of suffering from depression and anxiety:

Lightspeed recently surveyed over 200 parents and K-12 IT professionals to find out more about the prevalence of online bullying behaviour in schools and found the following:

  • 95% of parents said that cyberbullying is a bigger problem today than it was five years ago.
  • More than 70% of parents are worried about what their child views online.
  • 60% of parents said that schools have the biggest role in stopping cyberbullying.
  • Over 80% of respondents say that cyberbullying can occur on school-owned devices.
  • Less than half of the school IT workers we surveyed say their school is always monitoring user activity to curb cyberbullying.
  • Over 67% of IT professionals say that cyberbullying has increased at their school thanks to technology

Fortunately, Relay has been designed to protect students on any online platform and device, at any time.

Safe Social Media

Turn off social media sites for specific groups or users with simple switches or enable “read-only mode” so students can view content without having the ability to message or comment on other profiles.

Report on Terms related to cyberbullying

Easily view instances of students using inappropriate language relating to cyberbullying from our customisable flagged terms list and report on all user activity with great detail.

Safety Check

Get real time alerts when students are flagged for cyberbullying, suicide or self-harm that include timelines and screenshots of the incidents.

App Blocking

Block and control apps with messaging functionality and report on student’s usage of apps so you’ll always know who’s been using them inappropriately.

Block YouTube Comments

Lock down YouTube for specified users with our powerful Smart Play feature, removing the comments section so students are unable to leave malicious comments.

Help students feel safe on and off the school network.

Check out Relay today.

With Lightspeed you can:

Filter on and off-campus

Decrypt SSL without proxy

Manage Win, Mac, iOS, Chrome devices

Delegate administration and policies

Allow teachers to monitor in real-time

Protect from cyberbullying and self-harm

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