Keeping Children Safe

In Education (KCSIE)

The Department for Education’s revised statutory guidance, “Keeping Children Safe in Education,” helps schools and colleges across England understand the correct e-safety measures that need to be taken when their students are using the Internet. Specficially ensuring that appropriate filters and monitoring is in place and these systems are not overblocking and restricting learning. Lightspeed Systems education-focused solutions do just that with tools for admins, teachers and students that enable safe 21st century learning.

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Prevent Duty Guidance

In 2015, the Home Office released the Prevent Duty Guidance: for England and Wales wherein schools and colleges are required to protect children from the risk of radicalisation when accessing the Internet. Lightspeed helps achieve this by integrating the police-assessed list of unlawful terrorist content into our Web Filter categories. What is more, advanced reporting features allow IT administrators to easily view Internet activity across the whole school–or drill down to individual users. And email alerts can be set up so suspicious search activity immediately notifies designated staff.

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Appropriate Filtering

and Monitoring

The UK Safer Internet Centre’s regularly releases guidance on how schools and colleges should deal with filtering and reporting illegal or innapropriate online content without overblocking. Lightspeed Systems’ are self-certified for Appropriate Filtering and Appropriate Monitoring with the USIC and our Web Filter has been designed specifically for education allowing it to be customised to perfectly match an organisations’ structure. This ensures that each student is kept safe online without being overblocked by blanket policies.

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Internet Watch Foundation

The IWF URL list contains specific web pages, or URLs. Every URL on the list depicts indecent images of children, advertisements for or links to such content, on a publically available website. The list typically contains 500 – 800 URLs at any one time and is updated twice a day to ensure all entries are still live. As a proud IWF member, Lightspeed Systems immediately updates its Web Filter categories to match the IWF list and completely lock down access.

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e-Safety Guidance

With the growing importance of technology in education, e-safety is becoming a much bigger area of Ofsted’s inspections and schools need the correct tools in place to ensure they are using technology appropriately and safely. Lightspeed Systems’ solutions help schools meet Ofsted guidance with teacher tools allowing them to control websites blocked in a classroom, hierarchical control over all mobile devices whether they’re BYOD or 1:1, and granular reports.

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