4 Tips to Combat Student Safety Risks

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Students face a multitude of dangers that put their safety at risk—cyberbullying, child predators, and violence are just a few. But with limited time and few resources available, schools have found it challenging to address every potential risk to their students. Download this guide, 4 Tips to Combat Student Safety Risks, to get the latest details of the online safety risks students face and the practical steps schools can take to protect students.  

Key takeaways include:  

  • How to embrace discussions about student mental health and well-being so your school can be proactive   
  • Best practices to increase students’ online safety   
  • Strategies to get parents more involved and how to provide the resources they need to be informed 
  • Tips to improve your prevention programs by leveraging technology and your school leaders

The prevention strategies discussed in this guide can be applied in every school, multi-academy trust and local authority for every student—no matter the size or location. Get it today.  

“Our mission is to arm schools and parents with information that could potentially save a child’s life.” 

—Amy Bennett, Chief of Staff, Lightspeed Systems® 

Our mission is to arm districts and parents with information that could potentially save a child’s life.

– Amy Bennett, Chief of Staff, Lightspeed Systems®

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