Learn why Lightspeed Alert™ better protects students than Gaggle

Lightspeed's violence prevention solution keeps students safe

To prevent student self-harm, suicide, bullying, and school violence, schools need to monitor students wherever they go online—no exceptions.

Lightspeed Alert—designed explicitly for K-12 and perfected through years of innovatively designed indexing and machine learning—is powered by the most comprehensive database in the industry.

Gaggle is Falling Short

Gaggle fails schools by failing to monitor students where they spend time online. For instance:

  • Gaggle fails to monitor social media
  • Gaggle fails to scan Google searches
  • Gaggle fails to scan activity in desktop applications

Lightspeed Protects Your Students—No Matter Where They Go Online

Our solution and the Lightspeed Safety Specialists, who work 24/7 analyzing each alert, give districts the comprehensive picture of online activity they need to keep students safe—and, when needed, swift interventions to prevent harm.

To help you select the school violence prevention solution that meets your schools’ and district’s unique needs and online student safety plans, we’ve created this resource comparing Lightspeed Alert and Gaggle.

Lightspeed customers get peace of mind thanks to: 

  • Real-time alerts for concerning student activity
  • Historical timeline of online activity related to each flagged event
  • A highly-trained team of specialists reviewing every alert
  • A less expensive rate than Gaggle’s—and never any add-on fees.
  • The option of a single, integrated alerting and web filtering solution with Lightspeed Filter
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Lightspeed Alert vs. Gaggle

Don't take our word for it: here's what one district had to say about its decision to deploy Lightspeed Alert:

Before we had the support of Lightspeed safety specialists, I was doing all the alert review myself. I was losing sleep and working throughout the night. This has been a game-changer for me.

Judy Burgess
Director of Equity and Student Services,
Visalia Unified School District
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