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Mobile Manager

Essa Academy – Everywhere Education

Essa Academy has moved away from textbooks and has gone completely digital with their learning. They applied for academy status in 2009 and after the application was approved, they knew they had to make a lot of changes to turn things around.

One of the first decisions that were made was to begin a 1:1 initiative, meaning that every student would be equipped with a mobile device and could access resources on the internet from any place at any time. By providing handheld devices, students could collaborate and engage beyond the school walls and bells.The next big challenge was discovering the best way to manage these devices and keep them safe. They were looking for the ability to deploy apps, to manage the devices and to make sure students were able to use them in a secure way, so after extensive research they decided that Lightspeed Systems Mobile Device Management and Web Filtering was the best solution for them.

Watch the video above to see how Essa Academy is using our MDM and Rocket Solution