Filtering, Reimagined

Scale without hardware. Decrypt SSL without proxy.
Set up without hassle.

A Smart Agent for Every Device

Our proprietary Smart Agents are a revolution in filtering, putting the power of a filter inside each device. Smart Agents have the power to protect any device, anytime, and anywhere; filter any apps and browsers; and provide easy SSL decryption without proxies, PACs, or certificate hassles.

Even BYOD and IoT

Need to ensure safe access for student-owned or guest devices? By installing a Relay Rocket, you can easily filter traffic to any BYOD and IoT devices that connect to your network.


See Everything

Relay offers the most powerful, actionable, and shareable reports. Get high-level data on device use or detailed, granular reports on individual students. Whatever you’re investigating or analysing, Relay has you covered with smart reporting for every use in education.


Identify issues instantly


Monitor trends for actionable data

School Problems Solved

Education’s most vital online resources pose major challenges for IT teams, which struggle to provide students the access they need without exposing them to inappropriate material. Relay does the hard work so you don’t have to.


All Google and YouTube searches receive full URL decryption


In just a click, allow safe access to 60 million YouTube videos with AI-powered Smart Play

Social Media

Control access to top social media sites, including read-only options

Safety Monitoring

Always on the Lookout

Get serious about student safety. Relay’s Safety Check reports and alerts on high-risk student activity by analysing online behavior, giving schools the power to intervene and prevent crisises.

Additional Features

After-school controls
Flagging and alerts
SSL decryption
Social media controls

YouTube controls
Safe search

Custom lists
BYOD/IoT filtering
Device location
Parent reports

Directory integration
Delegation controls
Audit log
Allow/block lists

Relay is the most e-safety compliant filter on the market

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