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Take the effort and confusion out of device management.

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Simple setup. Easy updates.

Remotely manage all of your devices (Windows, Mac, iOS, Chrome) and get them into the hands of the students ready to learn.

App management

Content is a breeze

Integration with the Apple App Store and Windows Business Store Portal, smart hierarchical distribution, and easy controls let IT remotely push, revoke, move, manage, and report on apps across their schools and devices.

App portal

Grant self-service access

The self-service portal gives your teachers and students the ability to download the apps you’ve approved for themselves.


Recover devices with Device Detective

Easily locate lost or stolen devices with a zoom-able map, last known IP, and other information critical to recovery.

Timed policies

Control everything

Remotely set hundreds of policies and restrictions across every device and OS to control everything including Wi-Fi, cameras and OS updates over the air, with just the click of a button.

Admin roles

Hierarchical Management

Simplify management across an organisation by combining high-level oversight with tier-based management, all built on a system that ensures access and data privacy controls with designated delegated administrator roles.


Simplified UI

Simplified, multi-OS device management. Comprehensive UI with powerful controls within an intuitive interface.

App Management

Push apps and manage app inventory. Let users access approved apps. Easily, recover and reassign apps.

Policy Restrictions

Remotely set hundreds of policies and restrictions across every device and OS to control everything including Wi-Fi, cameras and OS updates over the air.

Powerful Integration

Integrate with Apple and Windows programs: DEP, App Store, Managed Distribution, Business Store Portal, Defender, Apple Classroom, iBooks, AirPlay, and more.

Self-service App Portal

Allow students and staff to find and download approved apps. Add apps to the Self-service Portal by group, grade, school, and more.

Timed Policies

Start and end policies at specific days and times. Lock devices to a single app or for extended periods, like spring break.

And More...

Manage on and off-site

iOS, Mac, Win, Android

Device location

Real-time dashboards & reports

User/device reports

Single sign-on

Single app mode

Inventory reports

Wi-Fi auto-join Touchless wipe

Remote configuration

Automatic load-balancing & fault tolerance

Battery indicators

Password clear/reset

Integration with Apple App Store

Office 365 integration

Policy inheritance

Windows error reporting

Bluetooth control

Device status updates

Integration with Windows Business Store Portal

The Lightspeed Platform

We built our platform from the ground up to work the same way schools and districts work. With a centralized directory integration and delegated administrations, Lightspeed has the most powerful platform.