How Mobile Manager can help your school with Ofsted

Support BYOD and 1-to-1 initiatives

Mobile Manager gives you the power to manage every device (iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Chrome OS and Android), meaning that students are safe and managed no matter what they are using.

Ensure pupils who receive part of their education away from school are e-safe

With Mobile Manager, you can set up timed policies to allow different in-school and after-school use.

Ofsted recommends management of mobile devices on the network

With Mobile Manager, schools and colleges can control mobile devices by locking down features and apps to exactly what the individual needs, which is perfect for tests and specific classroom activities.

Report on student's behaviour

Mobile manager has comprehensive reports showing device and user activity.

Using technology appropriately

Mobile Manager was developed for education with hierarchal policies, allowing IT to easily assign roles and permissions to all levels of school personnel as well as students.

Keep up to date with current learning tools

Mobile Manager allows selected administrators to push out apps to their whole establishment or to select groups/users without having to collect each device and update them individually.

Ensure that student's are kept safe online

Our Global Proxy feature in Mobile Manager keeps the devices filtered and safe.

Privacy issues, including disclosure of personal information

Lightspeed Systems are fully GDPR compliant. How we handle all personal information can be found at

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