Olive Tree Primary keep 1:1 iPad safe with Relay

The Olive Tree Primary school in Bolton are firm believers in technology being key to enhancing learning across the school. They provide all of their students with iPads for use within the classroom and for remote learning. This bold 1:1 programme has given students endless advantages, from flipped learning to interactive homework, but it also comes with some challenges. Zainab Patel is the Deputy Principal at the school and also looks after the school’s IT network, she knew that for 1:1 devices to be a success, they needed to be safe and monitored wherever they went.

Zainab decided to go with Relay Filter, giving them all of the filtering and monitoring they needed, as well as a multitude of education-focused features. Relay Filter allows Zainab and the rest of Senior Leadership Team to easily control filtering policies, get access to easily digestible reporting features and monitor individual students or entire groups. They can create timed policies for when the devices are taken home to stop students staying up all night and giving parents the ease of mind that they won’t start to distract them from their work. Relay also gives Olive Tree the correct protection against KCSIE (Keeping Children Safe in Education), Prevent Duty Guidance and gives them all the flexibility they need for Ofsted e-safety inspections.

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