White Paper

A Guide to PAC Files For Schools

If you’re managing your school’s web filter, chances are you’ve heard of PAC files. But what is it, how is it used, and how can you use them to proxy websites through the filter? Is using a PAC File Selective Proxy method best for your unique needs?

At Lightspeed Systems, we know each member of our community handles PAC files a little differently and created a helpful resource to help you understand PAC files and how to best utilise them for your unique filtering needs. Download the PAC file whitepaper using the form on this page.

To start, here are some key pieces of knowledge to help you understand PAC files. Then, download the whitepaper to learn more about each topic.

PS: This whitepaper is geared toward our Lightspeed Systems community using Web Filter. Interested in moving to the cloud with seamless SSL decryption with no PAC files needed? Check out multi-OS filtering with Relay!

Ready to learn more? Download this whitepaper and learn:

  • Rules for proxying
  • How to add domains to the PAC file
  • How to add on- and off-network rules to the PAC file
  • How to test your PAC file
  • Tips and tricks for troubleshooting your PAC file

Fill out the form to the right and receive all of these insights and more.

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