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Mobile Manager's Key Features

Multi-OS Support

Schools rarely have just one operating system on their networks — and who has time to manage more than one MDM solution?

Mobile Manager gives you the power to manage every device (iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Chrome OS and Android) through a single pane of glass.

  • Set filtering policies by device OS groups
  • Support BYOD or 1:1 initiatives
  • Remotely configure all your devices

School-Based Hierarchy

Your school isn’t a business; why use a mobile device management solution built for enterprise?

Mobile Manager was developed for education with hierarchal policies, allowing IT to easily assign roles and permissions to all levels of school personnel as well as students.

Mass App Management

Apps can be wonderful tools for learning and student engagement, but managing those apps can be a headache.

Lightspeed’s MDM has the power to distribute apps to thousands of devices at once, and gives admins granular control over who has access to apps and when.

  • Push apps to user devices with Windows App Deployment and Apple VPP
  • Adjust app policies to restrict some users and allow others
  • Lock students into apps (e.g., for state tests)

Self-Service Portal

With Mobile Manager, users can install their own apps, too! Our Self-Service Portal allows admins to purchase needed apps or books, then distribute them in defined portals so specific student groups (e.g., classes or grade levels) can install the apps at their convenience.

Delegated Admin Controls

IT needs centralised management of school devices, but wouldn’t it be nice to give teachers greater control of devices just while they’re in classrooms?

Our mobile device management solution allows schools to do just that. During class time, teachers get the management features they need to keep instruction moving.

  • Set timed policies for the duration of class
  • Push content to student devices
  • Monitor student device screens in real time

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Cloud Hosted

  • 99.5% up
  • Fully redundant
  • Multi-tenant hosting
  • Always up to date

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