Web Filter Longhorn Key Features

Adaptive AI Database

The Lightspeed database leverages AI, machine learning, and the infinite cloud for the most accurate and comprehensive categorisation of the Web. This means you save time not having to recategorise, and you can count on students staying safe without overblocking.

  • + AI-driven robot army
  • + New YouTube categorisation
  • + Real-time updates from the cloud to Rocket
  • + Processing 2 million sites/day
  • Continuous Identity Management

    Your users are moving around, from one wifi hotspot to another; from home to school; from one device to a different one. With our continuous identity management, you have accurate and seamless filtering policies and reporting on a user’s holistic activity.

  • + Seamless mobile user identification
  • + Mobile to network roaming user identification
  • + Authentication prioritization
  • + O365 & GAFE authentication
  • Dynamic Reporting Engine

    To monitor overall activity and ensure appropriate use, or to drill into specific issues, you need data that’s complete, accurate, easy to use, and actionable. Our reporting engine gives you everything you need.

  • + Real-time streaming data and alerts
  • + Interactive drill-down
  • + SSL traffic inspection and decryption
  • + Custom report dashboards
  • + Live reports
  • Smart Play

    Solve your YouTube access challenges with this new robust and easy-to-enable feature from Lightspeed Systems, Smart Play. Leverage our machine-learning AI database to allow safe YouTube access for education in just a click.

    • + 25 million (and growing) videos available
    • + Allow your school's channels and videos easily
    • + Browse directly on YouTube.com and only get the best content
    • + Embedded YouTube videos around the web get allowed and blocked, too
    • + Customise YouTube access by group, day & time, on- and off-campus and more
    • + Get detailed reports of all YouTube activity

    Filter Bypass Controls

    Protect your network from time-consuming and dangerous tools designed to get around filtering, like Psiphon and Ultrasurf, with multi-level threat protection.

    • + Enable Filter Bypass Controls in a single click
    • + Our proprietary technology learns and evolves right along with the threats, constantly updating to protect your networks
    • + Lock out offending clients
    • + Get real-time alerts
    • + Maximise your protection by blocking unknown sites, controlling file downloads, enabling QUIC protection, blocking P2P traffic, and more!
    Everything you need in a filter

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    • Flexible Profiles

      Customise access to different users.

    • Mobile Filtering

      For any device, anywhere, anytime.

    • BYOD

      Filter student-owned devices.

    • Powerful Reporting

      Live reports, dashboards, and drill-down user activity.

    • Education Focus

      A solution made just for schools.

    • Proprietary Database

      Updated in real time, tuned to education.

    • Teacher Dashboard

      Smart features for teacher management.

    • SSL Decryption

      Easily control access to secure sites.

    • Scalability

      From the smallest school to the largest LA.

    • Per-Video YouTube Filters

      Customisable YouTube filtering options.

    • WCCP

      Cisco’s Web Cache Communication Protocol can be used to redirect traffic in real time.

    • YouTube Safety Mode

      Blocks inappropriate media on YouTube.

    • Education-Focused Company

      Products specifically designed with schools in mind.

    • Google Search Reporting

      Reports of all user Google searches.

    • Included 24/7 Support

      Industry-best live person support.

    • Google Application Controls

      Full control of all Google apps.

    • Trusted Man In The Middle Proxy

      Customisable certificate trust policies.

    • Inline or Explicit SSL Inspection

      SSL decode, bypass, block, and other functions.

    • SSL Filtering without Decryption

      Web Filter features the most powerful controls for filtering SSL.

    • Campus Library and Resource Sharing

      Campus Library is a repository of educational content including Youtube videos, websites, and documents.

    • Teacher Overrides

      Teachers can override standard block options for students.

    • Classroom Controls (Web Zones)

      Web Zones allow for temporary bypass of content filter rules.

    • Password-Protected Uninstall

      Password protection ensures that only authorised users uninstall programs.

    • BYOD Filtering and Security Protection

      Allows students to securely and safely use personal devices at school.

    • Proxy-less Mobile Filtering

      No need for a bandwidth consuming proxy server.

    • Single Sign-On

      Simple login process.

    • Chrome OS and iOS Devices

      Compatible with all devices, including Chrome OS and iOS.

    • UNIX, Linux, Windows, Mac, Android

      Cross-platform device support for ultimate functionality.

    • Individual User and Group Activity

      Reports show all levels of activity, from the user to the entire organisation.

    • On/Off Network Filtering

      On/off site controls make it easy to adjust what you allow.

    • Report Scheduling and Delivery

      Schedule custom, repeatable, reports and get them automatically delivered.

    • Pre-Set Reports + Custom Reports

      A wealth of pre-set custom reporting options for every scenario.

    • Suspicious Search Reporting

      Suspicious search reporting provides an added layer of security and monitoring.

    • Bandwidth Usage Reporting

      Bandwidth usage reporting helps determine where key resources are going and how to optimize resource usage.

    • Real-time Reporting on Network

      Real-time reporting provides constant live data of the status of the network and user activity.

    • Granular Reporting and Data Archiving

      In-depth reporting options and secure data archiving capacities provide a wealth of oversight options.

    • Overview and Drill-down Reporting

      Administrators can run reports that provide an overview or drill down on specific details.

    • Threat and Event Protection

      Active protection against all system threats and unwanted events.

    • Layer 7 Application Filtering

      Layer 7 application filtering includes FTP, SMTP, POP, HTTP, and DNS filtering.

    • Filtering and Monitoring of All Ports

      Web Filter filters and monitors across all ports.

    • File Extension Blocking

      Web Filter lets you to choose which potentially unsafe or harmful file extensions to block.

    • P2P Blocking

      Web Filter blocks attempts by users to use peer-to-peer networking.

    • Proxy Detection and Defense

      Web Filter detects and blocks attempts by users to bypass security through the use of anonymous proxy servers.

    • Malware Protection

      Malware protections ensures optimal network safety.

    • Application Controls

      Fully customisable application controls allow you to easily assign and monitor all applications.

    • NAC Integration

      Network Access Control integration for increased security.

    • Captive Portal

      Users must sign in through an authentication page before having internet access.

    • Directory Service or GAFE

      Google Apps for Educators suite compatibility.

    • IPV6 Compatability

      Compatible with IPV6, the latest version of Internet Protocol.

    • Real-Time Custom URLs

      Custom URLs can be re-categorised to allow user access in real time.

    • Customisable Block Pages

      Custom block pages allow for customisable web page access permissions and restrictions for different users.

    • Online Testing Policies and Enforcement

      Wealth of custom testing policies and enforcement for tests.

    • Delegated Administrator Roles

      Administrator roles can be easily delegated to different products and at various levels.

    • Flexible Policies

      Flexible policies allow you to accommodate different groups of users while maintaining compliance and safety.

    • Granular Filtering on Domains

      We give schools granular controls over filtering, including the ability to apply different levels of access.

    • Bandwidth Control

      Bandwidth control options ensure that access to critical sites and resources is maintained.

    • Social Media Controls

      Social networking and related sites are strictly controlled and fully blocked.

    • Differentiated Schedule Policies

      Policies can be individually and collectively controlled and delegated by specific times of the day and days of the week.

    • Real-Time Lock-Outs and Alerts

      Web Filter’s database gives administrators the ability to react to suspicious behaviour and threats in real-time.

    • Dynamic URL Database

      Education specific database that dynamically uses a variety of categorisation methods.

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    Prevent Duty Guidance

    With the latest release of the UK Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015, it has never been more important for schools across the UK to provide the highest level of protection against radicalisation and extremist behaviour. Lightspeed Systems works with the Home Office to ensure that our Web Filter has the most up to date categorisation and monitoring tools to prohibit these threats.

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