Learn Why Lightspeed Protects Your Students Better than Smoothwall

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In today’s mobile 1:1 world student safety is essential, and a firewall isn’t enough. Therefore, schools need a dedicated web filtering solution. Here are six reasons why Lightspeed Systems is better than Smoothwall for protecting your students online.

Remote learning with Relay to Protect Students Online
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Built for education

Lightspeed Systems has more than 20 years of experience filtering for schools. Lightspeed was designed and built exclusively for schools unlike other web filters and firewalls.

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Powerful on and off-site cloud filtering

Lightspeed’s unique Smart Agents sit on every device and OS.  Smart Agents provide fully customisable protection and monitoring for on-site and remote learning.

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Safety analysis & violence prevention

Lightspeed Systems analyses online activity to provide the most comprehensive protection against safety threats like cyberbullying, self-harm, and school violence.

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Better reporting

Lightspeed has the most advanced, drill-down, and customisable reporting around. Lightspeed offers easy to understand pie charts, scheduling and parent reports.

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More accurate YouTube management

Lightspeed protects students from inappropriate content on YouTube. Lightspeed has accurately categorised 100 million-plus YouTube videos without relying on YouTube’s inaccurate, user-reported categories. 

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Scalability and security

Lightspeed is built on the scalable, secure AWS cloud so you save on hardware and get the best in speed, scalability, ease of use, privacy, and security built right in. 

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Lightspeed Systems has been committed to protecting students for 20 years, that hasn’t and won’t change. We’re here to stay. 28,000 schools trust Lightspeed to protect their students, learn why you should too.

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