Remote Learning at St. Herbert's RC Primary School

St Herbert's RC Primary School in Oldham wanted to give their students the best opportunities for learning with digital technology, whether they were at school, or at home. One of their biggest challenges was finding a system which would allow them to filter devices without over blocking sites, and to effectively monitor and report user’s activity. After already successfully using Lightspeed Systems MDM, Relay Manage, to control their device apps and features, they decided to try the Relay Filter. They were happy to find Relay Filter integrated seamlessly with their current MDM setup and gave them all the website controls and reporting they needed.

Since then, St Herbert’s have encountered a new challenge, with their school and others around the world being forced to close down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure their students could still access their work from home, they have utilised Google Classroom. They also needed to ensure every student had a personal device, this was achieved through parents buying devices as well as the school loaning devices and even converting unused laptops into Chromebooks. Using Relay Filter, they were then able to effectively control filtering policies on individual devices as well as large groups, to ensure that every student had access to the information they need. They were even able to relax policies at different times of the day or based on feedback from parents. They can also effectively monitor devices with comprehensive reporting, viewing Internet activity across the entire school or selected students. St Herbert’s now feel confident with any challenges going forward, to be able to adapt Relay Filter to a remote setup and successfully filter and monitor any device, at any time.

St Herbert’s RC Primary School


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iPad, MacBook & Windows 10 PCs, Chromebooks at pupils' homes

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