Student Safety

Meet the Lightspeed Safety Specialists

With Lightspeed Alert™—our student safety monitoring system—we’ve assembled a team of trained safety specialists to review each case of student self-harm, cyberbullying, and more. Pairing our sophisticated AI with 24/7 human review ensures comprehensive student safety anytime, anywhere.

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School Violence Prevention

Prevent on-campus violence with real-time indicators. Learn about an early warning threat detection system that combines advanced AI with a human review process to give schools a critical layer of protection to your district’s safety plan.

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Web Filtering: What to Consider Before You Buy

When you’re evaluating web filtering solutions, you have to think about many different components, from ensuring CIPA compliance to managing your BYOD program. Before you make any final decisions, here are 10 things to consider to help you find the best filter for your school.

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Prevent Duty Guidance

With Lightspeed Filter™ and Lightspeed Alert™, schools can adhere to the Prevent duty guidance and keep students safe from radicalisation and extremist content. Get proactive alerts triggered by keywords relating to terrorism and block all extremist sites provided by the UK Home Office.

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Ofsted E-safety

With Ofsted eSafety becoming a bigger part of inspections, Lightspeed Systems helps schools provide the highest level of safeguarding, monitoring, and management necessary with intuitive tools for teachers, IT, and SLT.

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Keeping Children Safe in Education

Lightspeed solutions help schools meet all the online safety criteria included in the statutory KCSIE Guidance. Ensure you have the most appropriate filtering and monitoring whether in school or remotely as well as all the early warning tools for DSL’s to manage students’ well-being.

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Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)

Lightspeed Systems is a proud member of the IWF and has worked with them for over 10 years to give our customers the best protection against harmful sites. With our solution, your school will have the most up-to-date protection against online child abuse.

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Whether it’s Ofsted or KCSIE, schools and organisations in the UK have a number of different eSafety regulations to adhere to. Lightspeed Systems solutions provide all the tools you need to ensure eSafety compliance on all of your devices, wherever they are.

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Suicide Prevention

Suicide is a leading cause of death for young people ages 10-24. Learn how Lightspeed Systems uses advanced technology to send real-time alerts to designated personnel when a student is at risk so schools can intervene before a tragedy.

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