Violence Prevention

Early-warning threat detection system to assist in school violence prevention

Lightspeed Alert™ adds a critical layer to your district’s safety plan, detecting and flagging threats of violence. Our patented AI technology and 24/7/365 human review work seamlessly together to analyze alerts and escalate imminent threats in real-time for appropriate intervention to help prevent school violence. Our Lightspeed Safety Specialists have backgrounds in law enforcement, investigation, education, and mental health, and receive further training by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, FBI, and Secret Service. 

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Prevent on-campus violence with real-time indicators

Sophisticated AI Scan for Warning Signs

Safety Specialists Conduct Threat Assessment

Escalation Response

AI technology scans and flags concerning indicators and sends alerts to designated school safety staff as well as Lightspeed Safety Specialists. 

ur 24/7/365 in-house team of highly trained safety specialists evaluate all alerts to identify cases of imminent threats to student safety.

If a threat is deemed imminent, safety specialists immediately escalate to school safety staff and/or law enforcement, enabling early intervention. 

Advanced AI alerts district staff and Lightspeed Safety Specialists of potentially harmful behavior

Lightspeed Alert’s real-time monitoring is the most sophisticated, cloud-based online threat detection system on the market. Our extended cloud integrations and Smart Agents™ scan and detect concerning online indicators, sending detailed reports to designated school staff for timely intervention. Extended cloud integrations enable schools to detect these threats across Microsoft® 365, Apple®, and Google® for Education productivity apps.

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Safety Specialists: 24/7 Online Safety Monitoring

Alerts triggered by our AI are sent to and reviewed by our Safety Specialists, who will contact school officials immediately for timely intervention before school shootings or other harmful acts are committed.

Escalate imminent threats

Our full-time global team of Safety Specialists has experience and backgrounds in education, law enforcement, and investigation, with ongoing training conducted by experts at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, FBI, and Secret Service.

If a threat is deemed imminent, safety specialists immediately escalate to district safety personnel and/or law enforcement, alleviating districts from the need to monitor alerts 24/7 and enabling intervention before an incident occurs.

Human review screenshot with escalation list
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