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Ensure all students are protected during hybrid and remote learning

Schools, trusts and local authorities across the world are rapidly adopting Microsoft Teams® to facilitate remote and hybrid learning, and we’re here to help ensure learning in the platform is safe and effective. Lightspeed Alert™ and Lightspeed Classroom Management™ are now integrated with Microsoft Teams to empower school leaders and educators with the visibility, actionable insights, and tools to ensure student safety and engagement during remote and hybrid learning.
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Blog Post

Fingers on the Pulse of Student Emotional Health: New Benefits of Online Learning Safety Systems

There’s a rising concern about how the lack of in-person, face-to-face interaction with teachers and peers affects student stress and interfere with students’ social and emotional learning (SEL) development. Learn how Lightspeed and Microsoft® have partnered to be a critical component in school or trust wellness programmes and student safety plans.

Keep students safe

Prevent suicide, cyberbullying, self-harm, and violence with real-time alerts that flag Microsoft Teams and Microsoft OneDrive® content when there are signs of potential threats. IT teams and school leaders gain real-time scanning and detection from Lightspeed Alert to aid in the intervention of dangerous or harmful student online behavior in Teams chat, documents, and files.

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Most of our flagged safety issues have been through the [Microsoft] Teams chat logs. [Having this capability has been extremely valuable. I mean, it’s up there in the top three of content filtering needs. I don’t know of any other product that monitors [Microsoft] Teams chats. It’s a must-have for a remote learning environment. There’s no excuse not to have a product like this in place.

Greg Hogan

Bibb County Public Schools
Network Data and Security Coordinator

Customer Story

Bibb County Public Schools proactively identify students at risk for self-harm or violence using Lightspeed Systems and Microsoft Teams®

Schools need a solution that not only filters inappropriate content from student devices, but also to spot warning signs and alert admin about potential threats to student safety. Learn how Bibbs County Public Schools in Georgia, USA seamlessly integrated Lightspeed solutions with Microsoft Teams to improve student online safety.

Lightspeed Systems® Announces Integration of Leading Safety Alert and Classroom Management Software with Microsoft® Teams

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Keep students engaged

Lightspeed Classroom Management™ works with your Windows devices to boost teacher effectiveness and student engagement to accelerate learning through more engaging, connected online instruction—both in-person or remotely. Empower teachers with online learning tools to keep students focused anywhere they’re learning. 

Safe learning on Windows devices

Lightspeed Filter™ protects online student learning with reliable on- and off-site filtering and easy SSL decryption with our patented device-level filtering agents, which are easily pushed to all your Windows devices.

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Gain visibility into Windows activity

Lightspeed Analytics™ provides actionable metrics and visibility into the adoption and usage of all tools, including the Microsoft Office suite of products, to drive more effective online instruction and more efficient use of funds.

Manage devices and apps

With Lightspeed Mobile Device Management™, ongoing management of your devices and digital resources is easy. Push and manage bulk app distribution with our Windows Business Portal integration and manage Windows device policies remotely.

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Lightspeed Systems has everything you need to simplify and protect your Windows deployment:

✔️ Over-the-air mass deployment

✔️ Remote wipe

✔️ Seamless SSL decryption for filtering and reports

✔️ Advanced monitoring and protection

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