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Safe YouTube Access In Schools

Video content is a great way to teach and learn -- but not if access to YouTube isn't safe.

YouTube causes major headaches for educators and IT teams alike. Up until now, IT has had only a few options to handle YouTube access for students due to its encrypted nature — and all of those options aren't optimal. There has got to be a better way!

Download this informational whitepaper to learn why it's essential to have a smart solution in place to allow educational video content for students and how to make that goal a reality.

Plus, get these great takeaways:

  • A background of why schools have struggled with YouTube access
  • Is this you? 5 methods in which many schools are currently handling YouTube
  • Pros and cons for each of the most common ways schools manage YouTube access for students
  • An overview of Smart Play — how it works and can solve your YouTube problems for good

Plus much more!

Use this helpful resource to evaluate your current YouTube policies and ask yourself: Is there more I could be doing to allow safe access to video content and block the rest easily?

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