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Lightspeed Systems® Introduces Lightspeed Tip Line to Empower School Communities

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Opt-In, No-Cost Feature Complements Lightspeed Alert™ Safety and Wellness Solution

Austin, Texas—February 28, 2024—Today, Lightspeed Systems, celebrating its twenty-fifth year as the global leader in providing digital safety, security, and equity solutions to K-12 education, introduced Lightspeed Tip Line as a complementary feature to its award-winning Lightspeed Alert safety and wellness product. Tip Line is an opt-in, no-cost service immediately available for all Lightspeed Alert customers with Human Review, allowing districts to offer a confidential channel for the school community to report concerns, identify students in need, and prevent potential safety threats. 

“Lightspeed Systems has extended our ability to identify digital incidents indicative of risks to student safety and wellness, to now include inbound insight from district communities. Tip Line empowers the entire school community and broadens our ability to prevent safety threats and identify students in need,” said Brook McShane Bock, Chief Product Officer at Lightspeed Systems. “Tip Line provides an anonymous channel to report safety concerns and is managed 24x7x365 by our expert Safety Specialists at no additional cost to customers.”  

Lightspeed Tip Line Expands Upon Lightspeed Alert’s Comprehensive Coverage

Tip Line is a no-cost feature to Lightspeed Alert customers supported by a Lightspeed Human Review. Once deployed, Tip Line allows submissions via web form, email, and phone/voicemail. 

Once an incoming tip has been submitted, a 24x7x365 dedicated team of highly trained Student Safety Specialists reviews, triages, and processes the tip. Should the tip warrant escalation, the Lightspeed Systems Student Safety Specialist team then follows the school district’s escalation process, which may involve contacting local law enforcement.  

“It’s important to create a safe and secure learning environment for students,” continued Bock. “Tip Line provides a confidential, safe space for the school community to report warning signs or threats to student safety, such as violence, bullying, self-harm, and many others. Additionally, Tip Line’s seamless integration with Lightspeed Alert’s Human Review element, our highly training Student Safety Specialists, ensures no concern is overlooked.”  

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