CoSN2020: A Breakthrough Virtual Experience



The Future of Education: Remote Learning & Data – Driven Decision Making

May 20 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

School districts Nationwide are facing the unprecedented challenge of having to rapidly deploy a remote learning program. But what happens after deployment? How can you guarantee kids are being protected online when they aren’t on the school network? How can schools know what’s working and what isn’t being used? Is their program still federally compliant? How do these remote learning plans correlate with long term district plans, when everything eventually goes back to normal? What is the new normal?

We’re here to help answer some of those questions. We’ll discuss:

  • Using data, reports, AI and alerts to keep students safe from self-harm and violence
  • Using data to spot rogue applications that could present privacy or data security concerns
  • How data can help maximize the ROI of your remote learning plan
  • What data is important for CIOs, administrators, the board, parents, teachers, and more

Presented by: Chris Travis