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Essential Guide to K-12 Content Filtering

Why Lightspeed Filter™? Safety Protecting students online includes blocking appropriate content as well as deterring threats like cyberbullying, self-harm, radicalization, and violence. CIPA The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) is a federal law passed by Congress in 2000 that requires

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Opiskelijatietojen suojaaminen

Introduction Enter most classrooms today and you will be greeted by an array of technology. Digital learning tools — computers. laptops, mobile devices, software programs, curriculum offerings, learning materials, websites, apps, online tutorials, games, and videos – are all being

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Tietoihin perustuva piiri

Do you need more data? As more and more of our students’ lives and learning take place on their devices, data on that activity becomes an ever more powerful resource for schools. The right information at the right time can

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Verkkokiusaaminen K-12-kouluissa

Introduction They say it takes a village — raising kids in the age of technology has brought complex issues such as when to start giving students access to technology. With the increase of access comes more opportunities for dangerous trends

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Turvallinen YouTube-käyttö kouluissa

Introduction Ensure safe, easy access to educational videos Video streaming sites like YouTube are increasingly important to education, especially for K-12 students. Online video content can help reach visual learners; engage students at a variety of grade and reading comprehension