Firewall vs Lightspeed Systems

Still using a firewall filter to protect your students during remote learning? Learn why your school’s firewall needs to be replaced with a cloud-based web filter.

Firewall Filter

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Firewall filters were never built for mobility and the functionality of any mobile filtering is limited.

Lightspeed Systems was built around the idea of filtering mobile devices and users. Relay sends traffic to the cloud, not your school network, so there are no bottlenecks


Firewall filters require hardware on-site meaning technicians go on site for any maintenance or upgrades.

Lightspeed doesn’t require hardware on your network; we take care of all maintenance and scalability for the cloud infrastructure. 


Firewall filters are limited by their hardware, they can only scale up as far as the appliance will allow.

Lightspeed is infinitely scalable, with all traffic passing through the most secure, scalable and redundant cloud platform–AWS.

Traffic Flow

Firewall filters from off-site devices can cause bottlenecks. Mobile filtering agents added to firewall filter solutions typically route traffic back to the school network and through the firewall. With remote learning, this causes bottlenecks and slow downs.

Lightspeed sends traffic to the cloud and not your school network, so there are no bottlenecks and traffic flows smoothly.

User Identification

Firewall filters often rely on NAC integrations for user identification. Off the network, it falls back to web authentication, where students log in and their traffic is associated with the home IP. This can cause issues with multiple students on one home IP making both policies and reporting inaccurate.

Lightspeed integrates with your user directories or SIS, and it doesn’t rely on IPs so it doesn’t have any challenges with multiple students at one home. This means your reports and policies are more accurate.

Admin Control

Firewall filters have limited admin controls and accessibility to update those controls.  

Lightspeed has advanced policies and controls that work anywhere (and can be accessed by administrators from anywhere)


Firewall filters require regular maintenance and updating and ultimately can cost more in the long run. 

Lightspeed  requires no hardware to keep buying and maintaining. Licensed by device therefore you only buy what you use/need. 

For years, 1:1 programs and take-home devices have exposed the limitations of firewall filters for protecting students on mobile devices. Those limitations can’t be ignored with global school closures and millions of students around the world learning off the school network. 

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