Lightspeed Systems: Better Than GoGuardian!

Thinking about GoGuardian for your school or district? Here are 10 reasons the Lightspeed Systems Platform is the best choice for K-12 education. Request your demo or quote today!

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What Makes Lightspeed Better?

1. Better for multi-OS schools. Lightspeed supports Chrome OS, Mac, Windows and iOS; GoGuardian supports Chrome OS, and its beta Windows product doesn’t filter many apps and browsers.

2.Better safety analysis & violence prevention. Lightspeed analyzes more online activity and web visits by category and AI to most accurately ID safety threats.

3. Better classroom device management/monitoring. Classroom uses AI to automatically monitor classroom devices; GoGuardian Teacher forces teachers to monitor 30 dynamic screens at once.

4. Better admin reporting. Lightspeed has the most advanced, drill-down reporting and easily shareable reports; their reports provide limited data.

5. Better, bigger database. Lightspeed’s best-in-the-biz database categorizes 2 million websites per day and blocks unknown traffic; GoGuardian’s database categorizes only 2,000 websites per day and doesn’t block unknown traffic. (Warning: this means with GoGuardian, your students can easily access adult content!)

6. Better, more accurate YouTube management. Lightspeed has accurately categorized 100 million-plus YouTube videos; their product relies on YouTube’s inaccurate, user-reported categories.

7. Better, more comprehensive SSL decryption. Lightspeed offers on-device SSL decryption that can’t be removed by students; their solution decrypts SSL only on Chrome browsers.

8. Better user policies. Lightspeed is built on 20 years of experience filtering schools and protecting students; their company has been around for just four years.

9. Better social media controls. Lightspeed has one-click, on-off controls for specific social media channels, including read-only (no posting) options; their solution doesn’t.

10. Better for parents. Lightspeed offers automated, emailed parent reports; GoGuardian doesn’t have parent reporting.

Lightspeed is a better filter, period. And better filtering saves you time and keeps your students safe.