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Lightspeed Systems® Il provider di filtri più efficace per conformità CIPA, sicurezza degli studenti

Comparison of Lightspeed Systems’ K-12 web filtering solutions and competing filter reveals shocking results.

AUSTIN, TX. — An analysis comparing popular K-12 school web filtering solutions by Lightspeed Systems and GoGuardian revealed that GoGuardian’s product blocked only 40 percent of pornographic websites.

Lightspeed Systems®

Of 2,000 unambiguously pornographic websites randomly selected from the Lightspeed Systems database, 60 percent were not blocked by the GoGuardian Admin filter, an astonishing statistic considering the filter has been marketed as CIPA compliant.

Lightspeed Systems has published the detailed results of its study at Lightspeed also invites schools to call its sales department at 877.447.6244 to obtain a list of explicit sites to add to their custom block lists. (Because there are so many new sites added to the web each day, Lightspeed cannot guarantee complete or ongoing safety with any filtering solution except its own.)

Lightspeed Systems has been in the business of filtering schools since 1999. It is the provider of solutions used by 25,000 schools around the world: Lightspeed Filter ™. Lightspeed Systems’ filtering products are powered by its proprietary adaptive AI database, which combines advanced AI with a comprehensive database of more than 72 million websites and 100 million YouTube videos.

“At Lightspeed Systems, our top concerns are protecting students and delivering the solutions our customers need,” says Lightspeed Systems President and CEO Brian Thomas. “As a filtering provider, blocking explicit content is core to our mission. It’s disappointing to see another filter, like GoGuardian Admin, allowing these sites, which research shows are damaging to children.”

The cloud-based Lightspeed Filter, released last year, eliminates the need for multiple systems to filter, monitor and manage all those devices with features for granular user activity reporting; content filtering, including social media and SSL sites, with flexible policies; real-time suspicious activity alerts; and geolocation for lost and stolen devices. And all of these tools are available in a single, streamlined UI.

Lightspeed Filter’s innovative design gives the ability to filter and monitor any device OS by deploying Lightspeed Systems Smart Agents. Lightspeed Filter also includes such features as:

  • Simple SSL filtering — filter SSL sites like Google and YouTube without having to use proxies, PAC files or trust certificates
  • Generatore di rapporti per i genitori: carica un semplice file CSV di indirizzi email dei genitori per automatizzare la consegna dei rapporti sull'attività del dispositivo degli studenti alle caselle di posta dei genitori
  • Blocchi: blocca l'accesso a Internet agli studenti se tentano di accedere a troppi siti bloccati in successione
  • Smart Play: la rivoluzionaria funzione di gestione di YouTube che consente agli studenti di accedere a quasi 100 milioni di video educativi (e nessuna delle cose brutte)

To learn more about how Lightspeed Systems filtering solutions stack up to the competition’s, visit

Informazioni sui sistemi Lightspeed
Lightspeed Systems collabora con le scuole per rendere l'apprendimento sicuro, mobile e facilmente gestibile. In collaborazione con 6.500 distretti negli Stati Uniti e 25.000 scuole in tutto il mondo, Lightspeed Systems offre soluzioni integrate per reti scolastiche K-12 più intelligenti: Lightspeed Filter, Lightspeed Analytics ™, Lightspeed Mobile Device Management ™, e Lightspeed Classroom Management ™. Per saperne di più, visita

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