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Stop cheating in its tracks and help your students stay focused on the lesson plan with easy to implement software. 

Leverage Lightspeed Systems® tools to keep students learning and prevent cheating

Cheating is a common concern per many educators in K-12 schools. Some of the technology quello aiutoS students learn also aiutoS loro cheat. This can include students sharing answers attraverso e-mail o chat messaging o by searching for the answers on the internet. iot’s important to put precautions in place that not only keepS studenti from cheating but also keeps their learning effective. Fortunately, thanks to our AI-powered gestione della classe tools and smart filtering, Lightspeed Systems can help stop cheating and keep your students accountable online.

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Proactively prevent cheating

Block categories

The comprehensive, education-specific, and always-improving database powering Lightspeed Filter ™ includes sites known to facilitate cheating and plagiarism. This site categorization empowers you to proactively prevent access to known problematic sites before incidents occur. 

Block lists of sites

Nostro Gestione della classe software is another tool that can aid in cheating prevention. With it, insegnanti può keep students from accessing websites known for plagiarism by creating block lists. The Web Rules Lists feature in Lightspeed Classroom Management, insegnanti the ability to create and save customized lists of restricted websites e block all students or designated student groups a partire dal accessing them.  

Allow specific sites

Teachers can also leverage Lightspeed Classroom Management’s Web Rules feature so students can only access un specific site at a given time. This keeps students focused—and not cheating—during assessments, classwork, and remote learning. 

Set rules and monitor students for focused learning

Monitor online behavior in real time

The right rules and monitoring can help students learn and keep them from cheating. Lightspeed Classroom Management provides real-time browsing alerts e live screen views così educators can monitor their students’ online behavior and intervene quando needed. Teachers are notified the moment a student is off-task e il Screens View feature shows exactly what the student is viewing in realtempo so teachers can provide feedback and help correct that behavior. 

Redirect students' focus

In cases of misuse, leverage any or tutto di il Class Controls in Lightspeed Classroom Management per quickly intervene. Teachers have full control over their students’ online workspaces to send custom messages to redirect focus, lock alunno schermi, close tabs of distracting content, and push preferred URLs to individual devices (or to the whole class) per keep students focused on appropriate tasks. 

screenshot of redirecting students to stay focused
screenshot of monitoring student behavior online

Establish further online boundaries for continued behavior

Set restrictive policies

Sometimes, students don’t listen or change their inappropriate behavior. When this happens, tecnologia administrators can create disciplinary group policies, with Lightspeed Filter’s SmartPolicy, per establish further online boundaries for students who need more restrictions. Admins can anche set group policies by time and day so that restrictions can be applied and removed when needed. 

Document behavior

Se cheating or bad behavior persists, teachers can leverage Aula Lightspeed Management’s live screen recording to document esso. Click the screen record button to capture inappropriate online behavior to aid in productive conversations with guardians and administration.

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