Keep your students safe with Lightspeed Alert™

When time is of the essence, Lightspeed Alert sends notifications and reports to the right administrator for timely intervention. 

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3 Reasons to Choose Lightspeed Alert

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Real-time alerts

Lightspeed Alert notifies administrators in realtime as it detects potential threats to student safety from any device location. Each notification details the flagged behavior and provides a link to a complete activity log.

Comprehensive Activity Logs

Lightspeed Alert’s activity logs do more than highlight the concerning behavior; they also record the student’s actions before and after the flagged event. This saves time for administrators and IT, so they don’t have to search student history. 

Advanced AI

With Lightspeed Alert you get an army of bots continuously monitoring online device activity on and off campus. Advanced AI detects and reports on potential threats and harmful behavior.

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Why Lightspeed Alert?

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Protect your students on any device, anytime, anywhere.

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