My Big Campus Transition FAQ

Updated July 13, 2016

As announced in May 2015, My Big Campus is scheduled for end of life and support on July 31, 2016.

After July 31, 2016, all accounts, associated data, and all content will be permanently deleted. There will be no access to If you have content you want to export, follow the instructions below as soon as possible—being mindful that the export process may take more than 24 hours.

Our focus is on building smart solutions for IT teams to manage their school networks—with handy features that make it easy for teachers to manage devices and student activity using our Launch site.

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How to transition from MBC

Here’s what you need to know as you transition from using My Big Campus.

1) Start using Launch now

ADMINISTRATORS, access centralized admin tools for all our products, replacing the need to use MBC Administration.

TEACHERS, check with your local administrators for full transition details—and know that seamless single sign on to the classroom-focused features of all of our solutions is available on our Launch website.

  • Safely find, add and share videos and other resources with Campus Library
  • Expand or restrict web access with Web Zones
  • Manage student devices and policies with Mobile Manager
  • View student screens with Classroom Orchestrator

Get up to speed quickly with guided walkthrough tutorials. Launch is included at no cost with any of Lightspeed Systems’ solutions.

Log into Launch: with your MBC school, username, and password

2) Plan to export your account’s contents

You’ve put a lot of time into creating excellent content, and we want to ensure that exporting or migrating your content is easy. Again, check with your local administrators for school-specific plans. We have provided easy tools to migrate your content to our strategic partner itslearning (follow link to see visual comparison and import video) or to export it for use in other learning platforms. Group content, Bundles, and Schoolwork are all exported in the industry-standard Common Cartridge format.

Running the export will not remove your content from MBC. Here’s how the individual export tools work.

NOTE: You will start the export process and later return to download the file(s). Depending on volume of requests and your content, each step could take hours. Both steps must be completed by July 31, 2016.

1. Navigate to Drive and click the orange Export button to export ALL uploaded files, MBC Docs, Schoolwork, and Bundles content at once. Your folder structure will be preserved.

2. Navigate to each Group, click Admin options, then choose Export to export group Pages, files uploaded to Resources, and Discussion prompts. Be sure to check your archived groups for content as well.

Alternatively, MBC admins can export staff content schoolwide. Note schoolwide exports do not include MBC Docs and uploaded files.

Check out all the export FAQs in MBC Help. If you don’t find what you need in our FAQs, please email