Lightspeed Systems Media Kit

We’re helping schools around the world make 1:1 programs safe and effective. 

(And we love to talk about it!)

The Latest from Lightspeed

As schools around the world deal with closures related to the Coronavirus pandemic, our solutions are helping more than ever. We’re keeping students safe, helping them focus, monitoring emotional well-being, and reporting on the use of the resources that are suddenly in homes rather than schools.

About Us

We’re on a mission: Keeping Students Safe

And we’re focused: Everything we do is focused on schools

Lightspeed Systems has been helping schools make technology safe for students for 20 years. Our solutions are used by 28,000 schools to protect 15 million students in 35 countries around the world!

How we help?

Lightspeed offers a complete platform for 1:1 programs

  • Web Filtering
  • Device Management
  • Classroom Management
  • Student Safety
  • Analytics

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Lightspeed Systems Full Color Logo
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The Complete 1:1 Platform

Only Lightspeed Systems lets you Filter, Manage, Monitor, Protect, and Analyze across operating systems for a truly comprehensive platform.  

Complete Features

Media Contact

Ida Yenney, KCPR

(818) 419-0516

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