Lightspeed Systems® Prevents Student Harm in Nye County School District

New case study reveals how Lightspeed’s device filtering/monitoring solution helped Nevada school district identify students at risk of suicide.

AUSTIN, TX. — Nye County School District in Nye County, Nevada, used Lightspeed Systems’ device filtering and monitoring solutions to identify two students considering suicide. Nye County School District Director of Technology Robert Williams shared this anecdote and other details in a new case study, “Lightspeed Systems Keeps Nye School District Safe and Secure.”

There are more devices in K-12 schools today than ever before, but IT departments need to maintain control of those devices to keep students safe and focused on learning. The cloud-based, multi-OS Lightspeed platform eliminates the need for multiple systems to filter, monitor and manage school devices with features for granular user activity reporting; content filtering, including SSL sites, with flexible policies; real-time suspicious activity alerts; and geolocation for lost and stolen devices. And all these tools are available in a single, streamlined UI.

Shortly after implementing Lightspeed Filter™, Nye County School District Director of Technology Robert Williams used the software to pinpoint students in trouble. “Within the first week, we identified two students in one of the schools that were researching a suicide hotline,” Williams said. Using information surfaced by Lightspeed Alert™, Williams passed the news along to the school’s principal, who intervened to help both students, potentially saving their lives.

Lightspeed Systems made headlines last February when it announced the release of Lightspeed Alert, a feature that provides schools with information that can help identify high-risk behaviors and prevent school violence, self-harm, bullying, and more. School personnel can flag high-risk students and input offline activity such as violence, threatening speech, or bringing a weapon to school. This synthesized insight gives schools a more holistic picture of potential threats, as well as indicators of when high-risk students are escalating toward violence.

“Time and time again, we hear from school IT departments that have used our software to identify student safety threats, allowing them to intervene and prevent crises,” Lightspeed Systems President and CEO Brian Thomas said. “It’s stories like Nye County’s that show how powerful Lightspeed Filter is — not simply as a content filter, but also as a tool to make schools and students safer.”

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