UK Media Resources

Narrative Films

[embed_file title=”Connect” url=”″]
[embed_file title=”High Hopes” url=”″]

Explainer Videos

[embed_file title=”Web Filter, Explained” url=”″]
[embed_file title=”Mobile Manager, Explainer” url=”″]
[embed_file title=”Introducing Classroom Orchestrator” url=”″]
[embed_file title=”Rocket, Explained” url=”″]

Customer Stories

[embed_file title=”Churchdown School Academy Customised Control” url=”″]
[embed_file title=”The de Ferrers Academy Goes 1:1″ url=”″]
[embed_file title=”Why Lightspeed Systems Web Filter” url=”″]
[embed_file title=”Northumberland Local Authority” url=”″]
[embed_file title=”Teesdale School Have Granular Filtering” url=”″]
[embed_file title=”Essa Academy Everywhere Education” url=”″]

Product Overview and Other Videos

[embed_file title=”Ofsted’s E-Safety Framework with Lightspeed Systems” url=”″]

Product Screenshots

[embed_file title=”Product Screenshots” url=””]