Online veiligheid voor studenten

Keep students safe with cloudgebaseerde oplossingen from Lightspeed Systems: the leaders in keeping students safe online. 

Altijd en overal veilig

Web filtering in today’s schools is about more than blocking and allowing websites: it’s about creating a safe online learning environment across de web, apps, chat rooms, YouTube, and more. Lightspeed Filter™ can be used in conjunction with Lightspeed Alert ™ to filter inappropriate content and send real-time alerts for things like bullying and self-harm, while still allowing the learning and collaboration that mobile technology brings. 

Our patented device-level filtering agents sit on school-issued devices, so students are protected all the time, wherever they go. We have agents for every operating system, as well as solutions for BYOD, IoT, and remote learning. And don’t worry,: students can’t remove or disable the agents, ensuring seamless protection. 

Gebruik YouTube veilig om te leren

Videos can be a great way to learn, but YouTube is also full of inappropriate content. L.ightspeed SmartPlay, included with Lightspeed Filter, enables schools to provide a safe and customizable YouTube experience to enhance online learning, without inappropriate or distracting content. 

Sta sociale media toe voor groepen

Granular social media controls met Lightspeed Filter lets schools block social media sites, allow social media sites, or allow them as read-only. You can also customize these settings by age, group, or user, so it’s easy to get just the right controls for the right people. Plus, with Lightspeed Alert enabled, officials can get real-time veiligheidswaarschuwingen to any concerning social media activity for timely intervention. Lightspeed Alert uses advanced AI to identify potential threats on Google, browser activity, Microsoft® Teams and chat, Microsoft® 365 (OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerP.point, Outlook), and Google Drive apps. 

Veiligheid op internet

Online tools make it easy for students to work, create, and collaborate—but it’s critical that schools keep students safe across these platforms. Patented advanced AI technology from Lightspeed Systems provides reliable student online safety across the web and apps, including Google Docs, Microsoft® 365, social media posts, web searches, Microsoft® Teams, and online mail to send real-time waarschuwingen on any concerning activity. 

Alerts are reviewed by our Veiligheidsspecialisten voor studenten, who will contact school officials immediately for timely intervention before a shooting or school violence or other harmful acts iszijn committed. 

Video afspelen via Lightspeed Alert video-overzicht afbeelding

Overzichtsvideo van 90 seconden

Lightspeed Alert en Microsoft® Teams

Met realtime scannen en integratie met Microsoft Teams geeft Lightspeed Alert IT-teams en schoolleiders inzicht in potentieel gevaarlijk of schadelijk online gedrag van studenten. Bescherm leerlingen tegen cyberpesten, zelfbeschadiging en geweld op school, en grijp in bij het eerste waarschuwingsbord met Lightspeed Alert.

Effectively block all pornographic content

Access to pornography by children can lead to anxiety, depression, and high-risk sexual activity.  With over 20 years of web crawling experience, our unrivaled database effectively categorizes and blocks alle pornographic content to keep students safe from inappropriate sites-ook al if it’s in another language or a foreign video and image.

Voorkom cyberpesten, zelfmoord en geweld

Lightspeed Alert is a critical tool in student safety and the prevention of cyberpesten, zelfmoord, en violence. With Lightspeed Alert, student activity across the web is monitored, interpreted, and flagged when concerning activity is detected. Designated school personnel receive real-time alerts to provide appropriate, timely intervention. 

screenshots op desktop en mobiele apparaten voor software voor afstandsonderwijs

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