YouTube is a goldmine of content for education.

Whether students are viewing helpful videos from channels like Khan Academy or a teacher uploads their own content to drive lessons home, there’s no shortage of advantages YouTube has for a K-12 school.

However, inappropriate content for younger audiences lurks on YouTube. Recently, news about disturbing and violent videos uploaded en masse on the site have sparked controversy, causing concern for schools and parents alike.

At Lightspeed Systems, safe access to the web for K-12 is our No. 1 goal. With tools like Smart Play for YouTube and advanced filtering and MDM capabilities, we’re always researching and developing new features to empower learning while keeping students safe when they’re online.

We interviewed 300 parents around the world to get the latest insights on YouTube from a parenting perspective. In this brand-new study, you’ll get answers to:

– Do parents think YouTube is a safe site for their kids?
– How much do they know about their child’s internet access policies at school?
– How are they monitoring YouTube use at home?
– What does this mean for K-12 IT?

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Parent Opinions YouTube Report

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