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Parent Reporting

Keep parents in the loop with easy, automated weekly reports.

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Implement home-school communication
without adding work

Research shows that effective home-school communication can improve educational outcomes. But IT doesn’t need yet another portal to manage and support. Parent Reports in Relay make it easy to share key information with parents, without adding extra work or hassles for IT. Parents can see when the web is being used, top sites, top searches, and more.

Automated weekly reports

Relay has the best reports available, and that includes parent reports. Just enable the feature to send weekly web activity summaries to parents.

Simple list controls

You get to decide whether you implement Parent Reports, and for whom. Just upload a simple file from your SIS to send reports to all parents or a select group.

Nothing to support

Because there’s no portal and no login, IT doesn’t have to support an additional service.

Keep your parents in the loop with smart, easy parent reports, included free with Relay!

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With Relay you can:

Filter on and off-campus

Decrypt SSL without proxy

Manage Win, Mac, iOS, Chrome devices

Delegate administration and policies

Allow teachers to monitor in real-time

Protect from cyberbullying and self-harm

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