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Web Filter Longhorn Key Features

Adaptive AI Database

The Lightspeed database leverages AI, machine learning, and the infinite cloud for the most accurate and comprehensive categorization of the Web. This means you save time not having to recategorize, and you can count on students staying safe without overblocking.

  • AI-driven robot army
  • New YouTube categorization
  • Real-time updates from the cloud to Rocket
  • Processing 2 million sites/day

Continuous Identity Management

Your users are moving around, from one wifi hotspot to another; from home to school; from one device to a different one. With our continuous identity management, you have accurate and seamless filtering policies and reporting on a user’s holistic activity.

  • Seamless mobile user identification
  • Mobile to network roaming user identification
  • Authentication prioritization
  • O365 & GAFE authentication

Dynamic Reporting Engine

To monitor overall activity and ensure appropriate use, or to drill into specific issues, you need data that’s complete, accurate, easy to use, and actionable. Our reporting engine gives you everything you need.

  • Real-time streaming data and alerts
  • Interactive drill-down
  • SSL traffic inspection and decryption
  • Custom report dashboards
  • Live reports

Smart Play

Solve your YouTube access challenges with this new robust and easy-to-enable feature from Lightspeed Systems, Smart Play. Leverage our machine-learning AI database to allow safe YouTube access for K12 in just a click.

  • 100 million (and growing) videos available
  • Allow your school's channels and videos easily
  • Browse directly on YouTube.com and only get the best content
  • Embedded YouTube videos around the web get allowed and blocked, too
  • Customize YouTube access by group, day & time, on- and off-campus and more
  • Get detailed reports of all YouTube activity

Filter Bypass Controls

Protect your network from time-consuming and dangerous tools designed to get around filtering, like Psiphon and Ultrasurf, with multi-level threat protection.

  • Enable Filter Bypass Controls in a single click
  • Our proprietary technology learns and evolves right along with the threats, constantly updating to protect your networks
  • Lock out offending clients
  • Get real-time alerts
  • Maximize your protection by blocking unknown sites, controlling file downloads, enabling QUIC protection, blocking P2P traffic, and more!

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Timed Device Policies for the Classroom

Simple and quick Mobile Management for classroom use with the Lightspeed Launch dashboard. Teachers can quickly set timed policies and push content.

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