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Five reasons Lightspeed Systems is better than Smoothwall.

Lightspeed Systems dashboard product shot on laptop screen
Number 1 in Relay blue circle

Better for multi-OS schools

Lightspeed’s web filter supports Chrome OS, Mac, and Windows. This makes it easier for tech leaders to manage multi-OS schools, on and off premise. 

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Relay Classroom Monitoring Graphic
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Better student protection and AI monitoring

Advanced AI, real-time alerts and comprehensive reports help you spot the warning signs so you can curb cyberbullying, school violence, self-harm, suicide, and other harmful behaviors.

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Better data & analytics

Lightspeed’s reports and our newly released Online Activity Dashboard allows you to monitor how students and/or DfE devices are being used. Most importantly, this gives teachers the information they need to improve learning and e-learning outcomes for their pupils.

Relay Admin Reporting graphic
Relay web filter Database to Protect Students onlines
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Bigger database

Internet access controls make it easy for teachers to temporarily limit the sites students can visit, preventing cheating and keeping students on task.

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More accurate YouTube management

Ensure monitoring is used appropriately with administrator controls that determine how, when, and where specific features like screen viewing and internet history reports are used.

Lightspeed Relay Safe Youtube Search Graphic Protect your students with Relay

Plus, Lightspeed Systems solutions are available at a lower cost! Want to see more? Fill out the form to see Lightspeed in action.

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