We've recently released Relay 2 for every OS. Take a look.


Track usage and activity to ensure devices are used appropriately and effectively.

  • + Web browsing activity
  • + Flagged user content
  • + Searches
  • + YouTube videos
  • + Google doc activity
  • + Overrides
  • + Apps
  • Filter

    Manage web access, YouTube, and social media to keep students safe and on track with a Chromebook filter.

  • + Filter Chromebooks on and off campus
  • + Force SafeSearch, Google image search
  • + Allow/block by category
  • + After-School Rules
  • + Group-based policies
  • + Custom allow list
  • + Custom block list
  • + Smart Play for YouTube
  • + YouTube video, category & channel controls
  • + YouTube hide comments, sidebar
  • + Block age restricted videos
  • Protect

    Stop inappropriate behavior by identifying and remediating high-risk web activities.

  • + Proprietary flagging algorithm
  • + Custom flagged term list
  • + Real-time content analysis and alerts
  • + Flagged activity and flagged user reports
  • + Easy allow, block, clear management controls
  • Locate

    Find lost or stolen devices with smart geolocation tools to keep your ROI high.

  • + Device-based geolocation
  • + Custom lost/stolen message
  • + Easy device tagging
  • + Locate by IP
  • + Clearable lost device list
  • Smart Play

    Solve your YouTube access challenges with this new robust and easy-to-enable feature from Lightspeed Systems, Smart Play. Leverage our machine-learning AI database to allow safe YouTube access for K12 in just a click.

  • + 25 million (and growing) videos available
  • + Allow your school's channels and videos easily
  • + Browse directly on YouTube.com and only get the best content
  • + Embedded YouTube videos around the web get allowed and blocked, too
  • + Customize YouTube access by group, day & time, on- and off-campus and more
  • + Get detailed reports of all YouTube activity
  • + Plus lots more

    + Relay was made for schools, to help ensure that students are safe and on task - wherever they go!

    Fast results from start to finish

  • + Fast setup
  • + All in the secure and scalable AWS (Amazon) cloud
  • + G-Suite user and OU integration
  • + One-time purchase
  • + Automatic updates
  • + Training, documentation and support
  • + Change management audit log
  • + Optional advanced user/group settings
  • Empower your teachers!

    Classroom included with Relay, at no additional cost

    Real Time Monitoring

    Teachers monitor their
    students' screens

    Remote Device Locking

    Temporarily lock devices for
    "all eyes up front"

    Screen Broadcasting

    Broadcast a screen to the
    entire classroom

    Push URL Resources

    Send URLs live to your
    student's screen

    Screen Recording

    Record both exemplary
    and bad behavior

    Internet History Data

    Get a quick snapshot of the
    URLs a student has visited

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