Finally, there's a


Way to filter

Relay combines the power of a filtering appliance and the ease of a cloud solution into one platform that will save you time, protect your students, solve your SSL problems, and maximize your school’s use of mobile devices. It filters every device, everywhere, with revolutionary Smart Agent technology.

Take Control

Of every device and every OS in a single platform.

Student Safety

Delivered in real-time, to all your devices

No matter where your students are, or what device they are on, with Relay your students will always be protected.

  • Granular activity reports and real-time alerts for suspicious activity

  • Flagged Terms to pinpoint dangerous activity and intervene

  • Full URL decryption on Google and YouTube searches

With Relay

you get the most powerful filtering and device controls

built upon decades of experience and unmatched technology.

YouTube Solved

With Smart Play

With Smart Play, we've leveraged our industry-leading educational AI database on YouTube to intelligently categorize videos, allowing teachers and students the freedom to browse YouTube for educational content, without the worry of them accessing inappropriate materials.

Set Relay up in minutes

and see the value right away:

time saved, safety ensured, devices maximized.

Your 1:1 needs relay

SSL Solved

With Smart Agents

It's essential for schools to have URL-level details to monitor and protect students. You need to know what they are searching for in Google and YouTube. But setting up proxies is always a steep trade-off when it comes to security, setup and upkeep. With our new state-of-the-art Smart Agents, everything is different. You can get the transparency you need without the compromise of a proxy.

The Most Powerful Filtering

On and off campus

Block filter bypass tools like Psiphon and Ultrasurf for good

Machine-learning AI database for the most accurate categorization

Empower Teachers

With Classroom for Chrome (included!)
Monitor student screens

The Most Powerful Filtering

Device Detective to recover lost and stolen devices with geolocation

Integration with Google, O365, Active Directory

After School Rules for simple off-campus filter setting

Extend your 1:1 control

With Mobile Manager, the MDM made just for schools

Manage device policies

For a small additional cost
Manage and deliver apps and more.

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