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Schools are facing unprecedented challenges with extended closures due to Coronavirus. Remote filtering is essential for protecting at-home devices. For those that are able, remote classrooms can provide some instructional continuity. We're here to help.

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1:1 and Distance Learning: Lessons from COVID

In this free whitepaper full of information, data, and expert advice, you’ll learn about:
  • The value of 1:1, particularly for distance learning
  • The essential foundations of a remote or hybrid learning plan
  • How to ensure students are safe online while they’re safe at home
  • The data schools need to track to ensure remote learning success

Tech Talks

As technology teams turn to remote learning we’re checking in with customers to see how they’re navigating this new landscape with Lightspeed.

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Microsoft Teams

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Zoom Video

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Google Hangouts

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Google Classroom

White Papers

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Protecting Student Data

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Take-Home Device Policy

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Cloud Filtering in Education

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Free Educational Resources for Teachers and Parents ​

An up-to-date list of fun, free, and enriching projects for students of all ages. 

Distance Learning with Lightspeed

Wherever learning takes place, Lightspeed Systems is here to help. Our cloud-based platform works anytime and anywhere to provide schools with the seamless protection and visibility they need to ensure distance learning is safe and effective.

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Parent Communication

Make sure parents understand how you’re protecting and engaging students—even when they’re learning from home.

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Webinar: Remote Learning with Lightspeed Systems

Amy Bennett and Rob Chambers from Lightspeed Systems address top questions and concerns from school districts.

Webinar: Lightspeed Filter Rapid Deployment

Senior Systems Engineer, Stephen Fluoresce reviews rapid deployment of 1:1 devices with Relay Smart Agents.

Webinar: 10 Reasons Your Teachers Need Relay Classroom

Christina Gremillion from Caddo Parish (LA) shares how Relay Classroom helps teachers engage students and helps IT drive better technology integration.

Webinar: Remote Learning With Relay Classroom

Watch the power of Relay Classroom as it works harmoniously with Google Classroom and Zoom in a simulated instructional demo.

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Blog: New! The Online Activity Dashboard is Here to Help with Remote Learning

The key to successful remote learning is information, and that’s what the Online Activity Dashboard provides.

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Blog: Why Shawnee Mission Schools Chose Lightspeed Systems For Virtual Learning

Discover why Shawnee Mission School District and over 28,000 other schools trust Lightspeed Systems for their 1:1 and virtual learning programs.

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Blog: Web Filtering for Devices and Remote Learning During School Closures

Schools around the world are quickly implementing plans for remote learning to maintain educational continuity during school closures.

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Blog: Remote Learning and Classroom Management with Relay Classroom

Relay Classroom has the remote classroom management features to keep students focused on lessons, to share your digital resources, and to engage students. 

Blog: Before Remote Learning, Schools Need Remote Filtering

Before remote learning, schools need to think about the backend solution that’s keeping students safe as they learn online: remote filtering.

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Remote learning made easy with Lightspeed Systems

Relay by Lightspeed helps with Remote Learning
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