Lightspeed: Better Than Securly!

Thinking about Securly for your school or district? Here are 10 reasons Lightspeed Systems’ Lightspeed is the best choice for K-12 education. Request your demo or quote today and find out why more than 25,000 schools have chosen Lightspeed over Securly.

Set granular rules for users with one-click policies for social media, on/off-campus use, and more.

Locate lost/stolen devices with precise geolocation, keeping ROI high.

Lightspeed reports and alerts on high-risk student activity by analyzing online behavior, giving schools the power to intervene and prevent crisis situations.

Get high-level data on student device activity or detailed, granular reports on individual students.

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What Makes Lightspeed Better?

1. Better at blocking porn. We tested Securly against thousands of pornography sites; Securly didn’t block 68% of them. Lightspeed’s explicit web categorization is unrivaled and its under-block error rate is close to 0%.

2. Better AI. Securly has admitted it doesn’t enable its PageScan technology for all customers, and Securly’s claim that it categorizes new websites in 2 seconds proved false. In Lightspeed, AI and robot crawlers are aided by human review and a thorough database.

3.Better safety analysis & violence prevention. Lightspeed monitors student safety threats and alerts school staff so they may take action; Securly’s tip line and safety monitoring puts sensitive student data and safety decisions in a vendor’s hands.

4. Better classroom device management integration. Classroom uses AI to automatically monitor classroom devices and easily integrates with Lightspeed’s Filter; Securly Classroom lacks basic CM features like screen monitoring, screen sharing, and broadcasting.

5. Better admin reporting. Lightspeed’s advanced, drill-down reports contain graphical, easily understandable insights, plus they’re easy to share. Securly’s reports are basic lists of URLs, and you can share very limited information.

6. Better, bigger database. Lightspeed’s adaptive AI database categorizes 2 million websites per day and blocks unknown traffic; Securly’s database categorizes about 100 each day, doesn’t block unknown traffic, and has fewer database categories.

7. Better data security. Lightspeed takes student data privacy seriously; our customer support is in the U.S. and we comply with GDPR, state, and regional privacy initiatives. Securly outsources most of its support and development to Asia.

8. Better, more comprehensive SSL decryption. Lightspeed offers on-device SSL decryption that can’t be removed by students. Securly handles SSL decryption through PAC files, which are difficult to manage and error-prone.

9. Better social media controls. Lightspeed has one-click, on-off controls for specific social media channels, including read-only (no posting) options; their solution doesn’t.

10. Better for parents. Lightspeed offers automated, emailed parent reports; Securly’s parent portal creates additional work for IT by forcing them to manage parent logins and help requests.

Lightspeed is a better filter, period. And better filtering saves you time and keeps your students safe.