Student Engagement

Safe YouTube for Schools

Get millions of educational videos in a click, and enhance online learning with safe YouTube access for students. With the right tools, educational YouTube access for students is easy and customizable.

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parent portal dashboards on mobile phones graphic

Parent Portal

Parents and guardians deserve to know how their child is performing and behaving in the digital classroom. Lightspeed Parent Portal™ improves communication between school and home with weekly parent report emails that give parents visibility into their child’s online education.

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monitor student screens graphic

Monitor Student Screens

With classes full of student devices and increasing numbers of remote learning plans, teachers can find it difficult to keep classes focused and engaged. Learn about the solutions that can help teachers facilitate effective online learning and keep classes connected, even in remote settings.

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cheating prevention graphic of two students sitting at one laptop

Cheating Prevention

Cheating is a common concern in schools, and it’s made easier with access to technology right at a student’s fingertips. Fortunately, that same technology can keep students accountable and prevent cheating activity.

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