Cheating Prevention

Keep students focused on learning and prevent cheating and other unwanted online behaviors while in the classroom.

cheating prevention graphic of two students sitting at one laptop

Keep students engaged in learning activities and leverage tools to prevent cheating

Cheating is a common concern in schools today, made easier with access to technology right at a student’s fingertips. Fortunately, that same technology can keep students accountable and prevent cheating activity 

Be proactive in cheating prevention

The comprehensive, education-specific database in Lightspeed Filter™ includes a category of sites known for cheating and plagiarism so you can proactively prevent access to known cheating or plagiarism sites. 

Lock down sites for focused learning

With Lightspeed Classroom Management™, teachers can set browsing restrictions from anywhere to limit students to just a single website, or a fewkeeping students focused (and not cheating) during assessments, classwork, or remote learning.  

Keep students on track from anywhere

From live screen views to real-time browsing alerts, Lightspeed Classroom Management provides the tools necessary to keep students on track, whether they’re in class or learning remotely. Educators can know when students are engaging appropriately or when intervention is needed. 

Keep students focused on learning; prevent cheating and plagiarism with Lightspeed Systems®