Prevent Duty Guidance

Protect students from radicalisation and extremism.

Adhere to the Government’s online safety criteria

The Prevent Duty Guidance of the United Kingdom Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 requires schools to have “due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism”. Schools in the UK will be expected to ensure children are safe from terrorist and extremist material when accessing the internet by establishing appropriate levels of filtering.

Lightspeed Filter™ helps you meet all of the Prevent Duty’s online regulations with a variety of different safeguarding tools to ensure schools have the maximum protection against these risks.

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Exclusive category

The category “violence.extremism” is a permanently blocked category built into Lightspeed Filter, populated with a list of web addresses that promote extremism and/or radicalisation. This list is provided by the UK Home Office and is updated periodically.


Powerful URL and SSL decryption for every device with over a billion URL entries, as well as customisable policies for on-and-off site keep students protected at all times.

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Immediate alerts

With Lightspeed Alert™, get real-time alerts when students attempt to reach sites or type “flagged words” related to radicalisation or extremism on any online platform.


Get an overview of student activity online and drill down to individual students activity to see any trends in behaviour relating to extremist or terrorist material.

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Keep students protected from radicalisation and extremism with Lightspeed Systems

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