Suicide Prevention

Use advanced AI technology to help in the prevention of student suicide and self-harm.

Spot the warning signs to prevent suicide and self-harm

Suicide is the #2 cause of death for young people ages 10-24. Since students spend so much time online, many of those signs are in their online activity—searches, posts, notes, comments, visits, and views. Together, we can help with suicide prevention efforts. Lightspeed Alert™ uses advanced AI and machine learning to monitor student activity across all sites, analyze intent, and send real-time alerts to designated personnel when a student is at risk so schools can intervene before tragedy.

Advanced AI sees things you can’t

With Lightspeed Alert on school-owned devices, you get the power of our patented device-level filtering agents to see everything: what they search, what they type in online docs, what they comment on social media, what sites they visit and are blocked from. Our advanced machine learning technology analyzes all of that to identify students at risk of self-harm or suicide (and differentiate them from students doing research). Real-time alerts on at-risk students provides you with all the details and screenshots you need to understand the risk and provide appropriate support.

Human Review

Lightspeed Alert includes 24/7/365 Human Monitoring by trained Student Safety Specialists at Lightspeed Systems. We understand schools and districts don’t have the time or resources to continuously monitor their alert systems; Lightspeed Systems has a global team—trained in conjunction with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Safe and Sound Schools—to decipher between false positive alert notifications and real, imminent threats. When threats are identified, we’ll immediately contact school officials for intervention.

screenshot of human review dashboard

Understand the risk

Understanding the mindset of an individual student requires more than one alert. That’s why Lightspeed Alert provides a detailed view of activity before and after the alert to determine intent and mindset of students at risk. 

Build a community focused on safety

Student safety and suicide prevention is a school-wide effort. With Lightspeed Alert, you can designate district administrators, like safety resource officers, principals, counselors, or teachers, to receive alerts for their schools or groups to get the right information in the right hands, at the right time.

Lightspeed Systems® Announces Integration of Lightspeed Alert™ with Microsoft® Teams

Visibility for safety across the web

The more student activity you have insight into, the stronger your suicide prevention efforts can be. Lightspeed Alert works on any site—from search to social media to Google docs to mail to YouTube. And its built on our patented device-level agents that decrypt SSL traffic so you get the information you need to identify at-risk students without the hassles.

Lightspeed Alert vs. the Competition

GoGuardian Beacon 24/7 Securly Auditor 24 Gaggle Smoothwall Lightspeed Alert
Google searches No iOS
Browser activity tracking Chrome only Chrome only
Microsoft Teams (app/browser) Browser only Browser only Browser only
Microsoft 365 (app/browser) Browser only Browser only Browser only
Google Drive (app/browser) Browser only
Human Review
Integrated solutions platform
dashboard of Lightspeed Filter on Mac desktop screen

Suicide prevention with Lightspeed Filter™

Web filtering is about keeping students safe, so it makes sense that suicide monitoring and prevention technology goes hand in hand with your web filtering. Lightspeed Alert is built to optimize your school safety plan and help in the prevention of suicide, self-harm, cyberbullying, and violence—and it’s included with Lightspeed Filter.

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