Superintendents: Prepare Your District for Remote Learning

The Coronavirus outbreak has forced school leaders around the world to prepare for remote learning. Is your district ready? We’re here to help with the solutions districts need to ensure safe and effective remote learning. And we’re offering free extended trials.

Relay's remote learning tool dashboard screenshot


Before devices go home, you need to ensure they’re filtered anytime and anywhere.

  • CIPA compliant filtering

  • Granular policy controls

  • Cloud based / No hardware

  • Real-time monitoring and well-being alerts

  • Parent Reports

  • Device geo-location services

  • Fast deploy


With new funding being allocated, it’s more important than ever that ROI is managed and usage is reported.

  • ROI Reports

  • Adoption and engagement analysis

  • Rogue, unvetted app detection

  • Data Privacy compliance reporting

Remote learning and remote filtering App Analytics screen shot

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