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Data Analytics for eLearning

As the global pandemic winds down, many districts are still utilizing hybrid learning environments. So what new trends are emerging in terms of edtech reliance? In this whitepaper, we look at the real data to monitor the health of elearning

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3 Ways Lightspeed Analytics Informs Professional Development 

Professional development is critical to ensuring teachers have the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to be successful, but it’s often difficult to pinpoint specific areas where teachers may benefit from a little more training. Here are three ways Lightspeed

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How Data Impacts Student Performance

Understanding how students are engaged with assigned learning activities and applications is more critical than ever. Discover how you can leverage Lightspeed Analytics’ student-level data to advance learning continuity in your district.

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Strategies to Support Your Teachers’ & Students’ Well-Being

Social-emotional challenges are becoming more prevalent for both teachers and their students. In this webinar we discuss how districts can support a productive learning environment and the mental and physical well-being of their teachers and students.

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Establishing a Robust Student Data Privacy Culture

The advancement of digital classroom tools gives educators and IT teams large quantities of data for digital learning. However, with student data comes greater responsibility to use and secure that data appropriately.

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Learn About Lightspeed Analytics™- CatchOn Edition

Lightspeed™ is excited to welcome CatchOn to expand the capabilities of Lightspeed Analytics™, our award-winning data analytics software for schools.

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Clay County School District Leverages Analytics to Protect Student Data, Boost ROI

This 38,000-student district in Florida leverages our award-winning data analytics software for K-12 schools, Lightspeed Analytics, to boost ROI and protect student data district-wide.

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How Santa Fe is Turning Data into Innovative Strategy and Fresh Collaboration with Lightspeed Analytics™

Santa Fe Public Schools (NM) uses a multitude of device types for their 1:1 initiative. Prior to Lightspeed Analytics, they were missing a key part: usage data.

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Milford Public Schools Maximizes Its 1:1 Initiative with Lightspeed Analytics™

Milford Public Schools (MPS) in Boston evaluates classroom app usage and edtech investments while protecting student data with Lightspeed Analytics. Learn how their Chromebook 1:1 program for their 3,000 students is leveraging this award-winning data analytics software.

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Mashpee Public Schools Improves Instruction and Saves Money with Lightspeed Analytics™

Data-powered learning environments are beneficial for students, educators, and district leaders. Mashpee's student Chromebook monitoring launched nearly five years ago and transformed their district-wide digital learning.