Threat Check

Protect with Relay

Advanced Machine-Learning Technology

Threat Check has processed and curated our unique trove of data to build multiple, proprietary models of students’ typical online behavior specific to several differentiating attributes.

  • Built with data from tens of millions of K-12 students, gathered over 20 years
  • Data models vary with students’ age, geographic location and more

Holistic Activity Analysis

Threat Check assesses dangerous student behavior through web browsing activity, including social media interests and posts; search terms; and more.

  • Know when students are entering, searching or reading about dangerous terms
  • Identify membership and participation in hate groups and extremism

Offline Behavior Inputs

Threat Check combines online activity analysis with other data points about their real-world behavior. This synthesized insight gives schools a more holistic picture of potential threats.

  • Flag high-risk students and input offline activity, like threatening speech and use of a weapon
  • Determine whether behavior is escalating over time

Actionable Risk Information

With easy-to-consume, shareable trend reports, risk scores, timelines, and real-time alerts, Threat Check arms schools with the information and tools they need to keep their students safe.

  • Share alerts and reports with school staff, law enforcement, parents
  • Take appropriate action in real time

Included with Relay

Threat Check is exclusively part of Relay, our multi-OS cloud filter.

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