Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE)

Safeguard students and promote e-safety.

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Ensure safeguarding and meet online requirements

KCSIE is a statutory guidance from the Department for Education for schools and colleges in England for safeguarding children. Lightspeed Systems® helps schools meet the guidance criteria while keeping students safe, letting IT admins tailor the Internet and giving teachers the platform to teach responsible use.
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Online Safety

The Lightspeed solutions suite provides granular filtering, mobile device management and control across all platforms and devices. It gives schools the ability to ensure students have appropriate filtering and monitoring without being over blocked by blanket policies.


Get the tools you need to teach safeguarding and online safety in school with monitoring features to highlight students’ digital footprint and safe social media tools to help encourage responsible use.

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Preventing Radicalisation

Protect students from the risk of extremist ideologies and radicalisation with an exclusive category with URL’s provided by the UK Home Office. Lightspeed Alert™ also provides alerts when users type flagged words relating to extremism, powerful filtering for every device and advanced reporting from high level, down to a user level.

Ensure your school meets the KCSIE guidance
with Lightspeed Systems