Student Data Privacy

Lightspeed Systems®: A trusted partner to protect student data privacy

Ensure data privacy compliance

Student data privacy is a growing concern for schools, with hundreds of new laws, regulations, and guidelines passed and more students than ever learning off the school network.

We can help with your student data privacy needs in three ways: 1) Lightspeed Systems is committed to keeping the data we hold safe. 2) With Lightspeed Analytics™, we provide reports on apps in use across your schools along with their privacy ratings and risks. 3) Lightspeed Analytics also identifies rogue apps installed outside your IT processes that may violate policies and put student data privacy at risk.

Identify rogue apps to maintain student data privacy

Teachers are implementing new tools everyday – from conferences, free offers, or to support remote learning. The problem is, those apps often haven’t been vetted and may violate student data privacy policies. Lightspeed Analytics helps you identify rogue apps in use across your schools so you can either vet them, or block them.

Asses the risk of apps used

We’ve pulled together data from our comprehensive database, our AI analysis of app policies and technology, independent researchers, and rating consortiums to present student data privacy ratings and risks in a simple, actionable report. Asses the potential risks of apps used throughout your schools to make informed decisions in order to maintain student data privacy.

A trusted partner for schools

Lightspeed Systems is a trusted partner for schools, committed to student data privacy with our own policies. We’re GDPR-compliant; early adopters of the Student Privacy Pledge; and compliant with every state and local data privacy regulation. You can trust us with your students’ data, and count on us to help you identify apps and tools you can’t trust.

Simplify compliance and student data privacy with Lightspeed Systems