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Helping school communities provide safe, secure, and equitable education—effortlessly.

Lightspeed is dedicated to providing time-saving solutions and empowering schools to focus where it matters most—students and learning.

Security & Compliance

Protect people, devices, and data from the inside out.

Safety & Wellness

Improve school climate and identify students in crisis—before an event occurs.

Edtech and Classroom Management

Get the best of edtech and classroom management in one platform.

Integrated solutions that provide a one-stop for school security, safety, and edtech management

Lightspeed Filter™

Protect students from harmful online content

Ensure KCSIE compliance on every device, app, browser, operating system, and learning environment. Lightspeed Filter, purpose-built for education and powered by the most comprehensive database in the industry, protects students from inappropriate online content on- and off-site network—virtually anywhere students are learning.

Lightspeed Alert™

Prevent suicide, cyberbullying, and violence

Prevent suicides, self-harm, cyberbullying, and school violence with early-warning threat detection software. Lightspeed Alert leverages patented AI technology to scan and flag concerning indicators within online documents, apps, email, chat messages, browsers, (and more) and sends alerts to designated school staff and highly-trained Lightspeed Safety Specialists—aiding in early intervention.

Lightspeed Classroom Management™

Create engaging learning environments anywhere

Enhance the interactive classroom experience for any learning environment. Lightspeed Classroom Management gives teachers real-time visibility of student activity and control over their online workspaces. Teachers can see student screens, close distracting tabs, and push URLs to all students to keep students focused on exactly the right content—precisely when they’re supposed to be.

Monitor of the Dashboard of Lightspeed Digital Insight

Lightspeed Digital Insight™

Gain full visibility and control of edtech use across your school or organisation

Lightspeed Digital Insight™ empowers IT and instructional teams to gain full visibility and control of edtech usage across their school or organisation. View robust analytics, streamline data privacy management, simplify app approvals, and ensure equitable connectivity for all students.

Lightspeed Mobile Device Management™

Essential MDM for hybrid learning environments

Remotely manage student devices, apps, and policies. Lightspeed MDM allows users to remotely deploy, update, and revoke apps across student devices—even after it’s been issued—without having to physically handle the device. Track lost or stolen equipment, control hardware settings, reset passwords, and restrict access to protect your technology.

See what our customers have to say.

The YouTube controls are fantastic, giving my teachers and students access to the educationally focused content they need for learning while keeping them safe on the platform.

Brian MerrillEducation Technology Analyst

It was amazing to me how quickly—within one to two days of having conversations—that we were able to get this up and running (for over 100,000 students) and set up on multiple platforms.

Lightspeed Filter worked well yesterday. It helped a lot on our first day of eLearning. Thank you for providing a good product and great support.

Valerie PontiusSystems Engineer

We needed insight into where all these Chromebooks are going, what apps students are using, how long they are on them … All these things have become really important for us to analyze and make good decisions to ensure we are getting a return on investment for the software.

Jim FarmerChief Technology Officer

It was amazing to me how quickly—within one to two days of having conversations—that we were able to get this up and running and set up on multiple platforms.

Dr. Tina BarriosAssistant Superintendent of Information Systems and Technology
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