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Lightspeed Alert™

Identify Students in Crisis for Proactive Student Safety

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Lightspeed Alert is an at-risk student identification solution that monitors and analyses online activity for signs of self-harm, violence, and bullying. Students often confide in their devices in ways they may not be willing or able to in person. Looking for warning signs in online activity identifies students in need of help who might otherwise go unseen. By allowing staff to focus efforts on early intervention, Lightspeed Alert empowers schools to have proactive student safety measures.

  • Comprehensive coverage provides visibility into early warning signs. Our SmartAgentsTM and extended cloud integrations provide coverage across web browsers, social mediaYouTube, and Microsoft 365 and Google productivity apps.
  • Our AI technology identifies concerning online indicators and alerts designated staff. Alerts include relevant context with recent web searches and site history, enabling staff to quickly understand the situation and take action, providing proactive student safety.
  • An experienced human review team augments staff resources. Highly trained team members with backgrounds in law enforcement, mental health, and education work 24/7/365 to evaluate all alerts.

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Lightspeed Safety Specialists

With the mission of keeping your students and staff safe, on- and off-site, our global team of Lightspeed Safety Specialists are available to monitor safety alerts 24/7/365. This human review team works seamlessly with our patented AI to detect early warning signs of sentiment and intent of violence, self-harm, and suicide. Our safety specialists have experience and backgrounds in education, law enforcement, and investigation, with additional training in threat assessment and suicide prevention.

67% of student suicides had clear warning signs that could have been identified by Lightspeed Alert and Safety Specialists.

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Detect and escalate warning signs in three steps

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Sophisticated AI Scan for Warning Signs

AI technology scans online documents and desktop applications for concerning student behaviour on school devices and sends alerts to designated safety staff and Lightspeed Safety Specialists.

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Safety Specialists Conduct Threat Assessment

Our 24/7/365 in-house team of highly-trained safety specialists evaluate all alerts to identify those
that indicate a potential critical event.

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Escalation Reponse

If an alert is determined to be critical, safety specialists escalate to a custom escalation list, allowing for early intervention.

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Get visibility into warning signs you wouldn't otherwise see

Device and integration level scanning provides the widest range of insight, while sophisticated AI separates signal from noise.

View student timelines and web histories for providing context

Empower staff with the information needed to make quick decisions and provide necessary support by seeing the full context around any alert.

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Desktop and phone Tip Line app screenshots. School Tip Lines.

Improve safety and student support through community engagement

Every school community member can help maintain a safe environment. Lightspeed Tip Line enables schools to prevent safety threats and support students through an anonymous reporting channel for students, teachers, staff, and parents.

According to an article published by NPR, schools in 23 states have established anonymous tip lines serving more than five million students in grades six through 12.

Manage cases and logs

Coordinate across staff members to ensure alerts receive follow up as needed and the right people are informed.

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Monitor images for explicit content

Lightspeed Alert agents can scan images for violence, weapons, nudity/CSAM, and explicit content so that districts have all the documentation they need to keep students safe. Image auditing reports provide detailed information on image viewing and access, ensuring school leaders feel confident knowing sensitive images are protected and secure.

Responsible & Ethical by Design

  • Artificial Intelligence and machine learning allow rapid, accurate risk assessment and notification
  • AI removes human bias while diverse governance and review teams eliminate AI bias
  • Automated alerts are sent only when a risk is identified, only to school-designated personnel, and only with the minimum information necessary to quickly mitigate that risk
  • All of our practices, including use of AI, comply with all applicable laws and adhere to our strict data privacy and security practices including compliance with FERPA, CCPA, GDPR, COPPA and social media platform agreements

Lightspeed Alert™ FAQs

No, Alert must be operating (monitoring and alerting on activity) for the human review service to see the cases and perform their work.

Yes! If Alert is operating but auto emails are on hold, Lightspeed Safety Specialists will still receive and review all alerts.

Yes. To make changes to Escalation list contacts, navigate in Lightspeed Filter to Settings: Alert, then Click here under Software Configuration. Next, under Configurations, choose Human Review. From here you can add, delete, edit Escalation contacts. Once you have completed your revisions, press Update to save your changes.

If we are unable to reach the school Emergency Contacts and a threat is imminent, we will contact local law enforcement.

Imminent threats are about to happen and require immediate intervention.

  • Risk levels are rated low, medium, high, or imminent threat.

The qualifiers for an imminent threat include:

  • Access to weapon
  • Plan in place
  • Specific details
  • Goodbye letters/content

In addition to the auto email sent by Alert, the safety specialist will also send a summary email on any threats identified as high risk but not imminent.

No. The call tree escalation process is for imminent threats. Lightspeed Student Safety Specialists will call contact 1, then 2, all the way through to the end of the list, in which law enforcement will be contacted.

Lightspeed Safety Specialists are a global team of people with a passion for student safety and experience that includes education, law enforcement, student safety, and mental health. Each safety specialist is a full-time Lightspeed employee and receives comprehensive training in conjunction with American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, mental health professionals & school safety experts.

As long as you haven’t set email notifications to hold outside of scheduled hours, you will still receive automatic Alert emails (based on your Admin Role). With human review, you will also receive a phone call and personalized summary email on any imminent threat and a summary email on any high alert.

To have human review added to your Lightspeed Alert account please contact your Lightspeed Systems Account Manager.

To disable human review, navigate in Lightspeed Filter to Settings: Alert, then Click here under Software Configuration. Next, under Configurations, choose Human Review. From here, click “Disable” and then “Confirm” to confirm you would like to disable human review for Lightspeed Alert. Should you choose to disable human review, you can enable it again at any time by navigating back to “Human Review” in the Configurations page and following the prompts.

In order to enable human review for Lightspeed Alert, at least 1 Alert case must have been generated in the past 6 months for your organization. This is to ensure that the system is functioning optimally so you can rest assured that Alerts from your organization will be reviewed by a Lightspeed Systems Safety Specialist. To set up Alert and to trigger a test case, please see Getting Started with Lightspeed Alert™.

Lightspeed Alert monitors and alerts on Google search terms from iOS devices.

  • iOS devices must first be proxying through a Network Agent (Relay Rocket).
  • Network Agent (Relay Rocket) must be version 1.4+.
  • Additionally, you will be able to connect Alert to Google and Microsoft cloud services for coverage of Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, and Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel
  • PowerPoint, and Outlook on your iOS devices.

The Alert extension for Chrome is a brand new extension that brings updated AI logic to more accurately capture completed words on the device, reducing traffic off devices and noisy incidents.

Yes! While Lightspeed solutions integrate seamlessly together, Lightspeed Alert can be deployed with other web filtering systems in place.

No, Alert notifications are only relayed to school administration officials. Parent notifications may be integrated at a later date.

No, the safety specialist review queue is populated by the same Alert AI. However, Lightspeed Safety Specialists will review every incident rather than every case.

Please reach out to your Account Manager and request a license for Lightspeed Alert. Once you have an Alert license, Alert will appear under "Reports in Filter (Relay)" instead of Safety Check. You can then install the brand new Lightspeed Alert extension for Chrome that brings updated AI logic to more accurately capture completed words on the device, reducing traffic off devices, and noisy incidents. In addition, you will have access to Alert Agent 2.0 for Windows; iOS search terms; and Google docs, sheets, slides, and cloud integration!

Lightspeed Alert™

A holistic approach to student safety with alerts for self-harm, bullying, and school violence.

Comprehensive protection

Get critical alerts across the internet—social media, online docs and images, email, YouTube, apps, browsers, search engines, and more—no matter where devices are used.

In-house human review

Lightspeed Alert includes an in-house team of trained reviewers 24/7/365, while competitors outsource their human review team to contractors without further training.

Integration with Microsoft

Partnered with Microsoft Education, Lightspeed Alert is able to integrate seamlessly with the Microsoft suite, including Microsoft® Teams.


Set alerts and notifications based on school, class, or user.

Flexible policy management

Quickly locate and manage group policies with quick search functionality, sophisticated breadcrumb navigation, and granular group filtering with Lightspeed SmartPolicy™ technology.

Fast roster syncing

Simultaneously sync any combination of student information systems (SIS) and directory services to one centralised place with Lightspeed SmartSync™ technology.

Tech & learning badges

Winner in Tech & Learning's Awards of Excellence

Lightspeed Alert™ was one of three Lightspeed products to win Best of Show at the 2022 International Society for Technology (ISTE) edtech conference. Tech and Learning recently recognized Lightspeed Alert and Lightspeed Filter with the Award of Excellence in the Best of 2021 Primary Education and Secondary Education categories.